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1) Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Zodiac Sign and Virgo Horoscope Dates & Personality Traits
Zodiac Sign Name: Virgo
Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin
Virgo Dates: Aug 23 – Sep 22
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Sign Ruler: Mercury
Ruling Day: Wednesday
Zodiac Color: Green
Favorite Colors: Green, White, Cream & Coral.
Highest Compatibility: Gemini & Capricorn
Moderate Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Lowest Compatibility: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Aquarius & Pisces
Exaltation: Mercury gets exalted in Virgo
Debilitation: Venus gets debilitated in Virgo.
Nature: Intelligent, hardworking, logical, Methodical & flexible.

Virgo Zodiac Sign is symbolized as The Virgin. This is the 6th sign in zodiac order. Sun enters Virgo zodiac sign near about August 23 and leaves the sign about September 22 according to the Tropical System of Astrology which is used by the Western Astrologers, but according to Eastern Astrologers ( Vedic Astrologers) which prefer the Sidereal System of predictions, the Sun transits Virgo sign about September 17 to October 17 each and every year approximately. Virgo is a public servant and a social worker.

These people work as social workers as public servants. They love their society and feel happiness in working for their people. They are very hardworking, helpful, and peaceful persons. The Virgo sign is ruled by the planet Mercury which is considered as The God of Intelligence. A Virgo person is a complexity solver because he is logical and methodical. They have great thinking, analytic and calculating prowesses. Many astronomers, mathematicians, teachers, accountants, scientists, doctors, and philosophers are born in this sign. They have an intelligent brain with high calculating prowesses, great thoughts, and deep insight. He is highly intelligent and hard-working because of Mercury’s impact which is the natural and permanent ruler of this sign.

Mercury loves simplicity, so many Virgoans are simple and sobers, they are punctual and hard working. They do not like to leave the work unfinished. They are book lovers and often called bookworms, they are eager to learn something. Their academic achievements are great. They love gardening as Mercury loves greenery. Virgo persons love libraries, books, research, and education, etc. They are highly successful in the fields of teaching, medicines, research, accounting, and philosophy, etc. They feel happiness in routine works. People born under this sign are famous for quick replying and they do not bother whether they reply right or wrong, but generally, their suggestions and ideas are valuable.

Virgo persons always keep trying to be perfectionists. They are hard-working and all their achievements are due to its fruit. They reach the topmost positions through their hard work, sincerity, and dedication. They can easily reach the position of a manager. As this sign is the natural 6th sign of the Zodiac Heaven, the persons born under this sign possess this house qualities like regular health problems, quarrelsome nature, sometimes have to face debts and poverty, indulgence in litigations, and lack of sleep, etc.

2) Virgo Horoscope

A Virgo woman is beautiful but not so bold. She is very talented, learned, wise, and has many talents. She is a great cook. She is sacrificing, hard-working, practical, and very simple. she is intelligent and can be a good doctor, a nurse, a good writer, or a lawyer.

Virgo Love Life
Virgo is an earth sign. People born in this sign are down-to-earth, simple, and sobers. They do not prefer love, romance, and illegitimate intimate relations. In fact, they love nature, mother earth, its people and feel happy to work for them. They are kind-hearted, genuine, and noble souls. In legitimate relations, they love their partners.

Virgo Career
Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of intelligence and it is the natural 6th sign which represents social work, medicines. People born in this sign are suitable for social works where intelligence is the primary need. They are suitable as doctors, astronomers, scientists, teachers, accountants, mathematicians, and philosophers, etc.

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